Maria Chairez, Parliamentarian

Si Se Puede.  Born in Sacramento California, Maria Chairez was not expected to live. Weighing less than three pounds at birth to Emma, an over-worked  Libby's canary worker, I began life a fighter. Now, as an elementary school principal, my goal is to fight for the Democratic Party, bring new members into the process and strive for making a change in the community.

     During my college years, I became involved with Chicano Studies, working under the guidance of mentors like Rudy Acuna and Jorge Garcia. Soon I found myself involved in statewide organizations like AMAE, CABE, and ASCD. I have held offices in such groups as the Congressional Medal Commission, the Private Post Secondary Commission in Nevada, and Americore Community service.

     What I am most proud of is being the founding organizer for the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership conferences, which have become a mainstay for leadership development.

     My goal is to leave an imprint for change, inspire youth to become politically active, and to use my organizational skills to create an active group for statewide change.