Senator kevin De Leon for US Senate

Thank you so much for spreading the word! Lets get KDL elected.




To log in, register then use your email and password:





You will be taken to the home screen (Please see illustration attached) where you can begin dialing when you're ready. Code No Answer/Busy/Skip for people who were not available PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE!


Click "Add Information" to record the code for Bad House Number, Bad Number Mobile, Moved, Deceased, Refused Survey (For people who hang up), Spanish Speaker, and Already Voted by Mail.


If a person responds simply follow the script on the screen (or attached). Select the appropriate response and click on the GREEN arrow if they... support Kevin, are undecided, support Dianne, or are not voting, and follow the script


Although this is a volunteer opportunity we will still be holding you accountable to our in-house standard. Through the phone banking program we will be able to monitor how many calls you are making a day. As a rule of thumb, we ask that you make AT LEAST 20 calls an hour. This would come out to a MINIMUM of 60 calls per three hour shift. For those working for a letter of recommendation or college credit we will not be recommending nor signing off on any credit for those who cannot meet the minimum requirement.

Text or call me with any questions (818) 694-2790, and if there's anything you think we should know about the voters, feel free to email that along (michelle@kevindeleon.com)



Michelle Bertinelli

(818) 694-2790


Volunteer Coordinator, Kevin de Leon for U.S. Senate

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Marggie Castello for California  Senate