CLC And College Dems Phone Banking
CLC And College Dems Phone Banking

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Dolores Huerta Latino Club Phone Banking.jpg

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CLC And College Dems Phone Banking
CLC And College Dems Phone Banking




Remote, online phone bank allows you to support a campaign by phone banking from the comfort of your home. Easy steps to follow: Where applicable (not all campaigns are set up for this),

1.  Press an online phone bank button below.  This will take you to the PDI phone bank.

2.  Register as a phone banker by providing your name and email address,

3.  In the pull down window, select a volunteer organization that you want to receive credit for your calls, such as, Sacramento Latino Democratic Club. 

4.  Push the Log in button and start calling.


     Online phone banking  permits Latino Democratic Clubs to earn a banner or an eagle on their banner, and a seat on the Chicano Latino Caucus Executive Board by making over 2000 calls in a CLC designated race. Latino Democratic Clubs, and all other clubs, and  caucuses and even Central Committees MAY CHALLENGE ANYONE ELSE to a contest to make the most calls.


Tony Madrigal,Candidate for Stanislaus County Supervisor,District 3

I’m the only Democrat running for Stanislaus County Supervisor, District 3  and officially endorsed by the Stanislaus County Democratic Central Committee. 

The link to help make phone calls to Latino voters from home or office for our Tony Madrigal for Supervisor campaign is: and the Login is and the Password is district 3.

Once you’ve logged in just follow the instructions on the screen and follow the script and click on the responses from the voters.
Make sure you write down name and address of anyone who wants a yard sign.  After you’re done calling please text me (209) 579-4776 OR email me your results ( # of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s) and yard signs locations that you got and let me know when you can help again. Thank you so much for volunteering!  

Lucy Armendariz, Candidate for Los Angeles county Superior Court Judge

Born and Raised in Boyle Heights 
Foster Child since age of 10
Graduated from Roosevelt HS and received Scholarships to attend UCLA and Hastings Law School
Is a State Bar Judge of California for the last 11 years
Endorsed by the LA County Democratic Party, LA Labor Federation, Kevin De Leon, Maria Elena Durazo, SEIU 535, and many other Unions, Organizations, Elected Leaders, and Democratic Clubs. 

Luis Castro, candidate for Imperial Irrigation District District 5

Luis Castro, Democrat, candidate for Imperial Irrigation District in Imperial County, District 5.  His phone number is 760-427-5410.