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May 31, 2019- 2021


Chair                                Carlos Alcala               

Treasurer                        Vacant

Secretary Recording      Gabriel Medina

Sec. Correspondence     Krisna Velasquez

Vice Chair Region 1        Christina Olague

Vice Chair Region 2        Norma Alcala

Vice Chair Region 3        Dominic Dursa

Vice Chair Region 4        Tony Madrigal

Vice Chair Region 5        Adan Vega

Vice Chair Region 6 E     Xilonin Cruz Gonzalez, East

Vice Chair Region 6 W    Arnulfo Diaz, West

Vice Chair Region 7        Victor Valladares Resigned

Vice Chair Region 8        Dr. Rita Ramirez

Vice Chair Region 9        Sandy Pina

Vice Chair Region 10      Marggie Castellano

Vice Chair Region 11      Emilio Huerta

Vice Chair Region 12      Olivia Navarro 

Vice Chair CLC-CYD        Ana Gonzalez

Vice Chair CYD CLC         Maiya De La Rosa

Vice Chair Chicano/Latino Studies, Dr. Raúl Hinjosa-Ojeda

Vice Chair Migrantes   Cesar Gamboa/Obispo Jorge Garcia

Other Voting Members

San Francisco LDC         Itala Portal

Dolores Huerta NCLDC   Maria Grijalva



May 31, 2019


May 2019 Appointees To The CLC Executive Board 


Senior Advisor                               Albert Torrico

Parliamentarian                             Dr. Maria Chairez

Administrative Coordinator          Theresa Riviera

Administratie Coordinator             Lizet Angulo

Sgt At Arms                      Julio Esperias Pending

Latina Advisory                Gloria Hernandez Pending

Membership                     Ruth Ibarra Pending

Endorsements                                 Martha Acevedo

Voter Registration                           Maria Patterson

Resolutions                                      Tristan Brown

Trump to Remove 500,000 Latino Families From Public Housing Claiming Mixed Status

O'Rourke and Bernie Speak at CLC Meeting

Norma Alcala Reaches 11,103 High School Registrations

Chicano Latino Caucus Promotes Ethnic Studies

Volunteer for Congressional Campaigns

CLC Chair Carlos Alcala
CLC Chair Carlos Alcala

Chair Carlos Alcala With CLC Board Upon Arrival of Beto O'Rourke

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Bernie Speaking at CLCMeeting
Bernie Speaking at CLCMeeting

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Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz, MORENA
Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz, MORENA

CLC Chair Carlos Alcala With Yeidckol Polevnsky Gurwitz, President MORENA, and other MORENA Leaders

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CLC Chair Carlos Alcala
CLC Chair Carlos Alcala

Chair Carlos Alcala With CLC Board Upon Arrival of Beto O'Rourke

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Chicano Latino Caucus